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“This software program is excellent! It’s worth my time to spend a few minutes to get use to each individual module, especially since it’s helped me get something done in a short period of time. The site design tool has increased my productivity the most,I really love this tool when I design street intersections, as well as the grade tool, which I started using more often in my grading process. The combination of blocks with elevation and 3D polylines has made the grading process a lot more fun, easy and accurate. Thanks!”

Hun Do
Hi Caliber Engineering, Denver, Co.

Hi Caliber Engineering

“If you need to stake out a road, the cl sta/off routine in the Survey tools is the only way to go! You simply pick the alignment, tell it what station interval, and/or offset, and/or elevation difference then hit enter. There you have it, now your done. Point number, elevation & description are sitting there staring at you as well as a text file for upload to other software or data collector. Good show!”

Pierson Hotchkiss


“In just one day of using Layout Tools, and being inexperienced with it, you have cut my calculation time by 60% when going from plan drawings to points for layout. You seem to be the only one writing for surveyors using LDD.”

Rick Farwell
Arrow Land Survey Inc., Tucson, AZ

Arrow Land Survey Inc.

“We started using Survey Tools this year. Export Alignments to Geodimeter works great for both 2D and 3D alignments, point files too. Robert is also very helpful and good to deal with.”

Dan Thill
Bonestroo Rosene Anderlik and Associates, St. Paul, Mn

Bonestroo Rosene Anderlik and Associates

“The Survey Tools add a lot of nice tools without a lot of effort from the field crew, and Breaklines Design is much easier to use than processing a FBK file.”

JD Ingraham
Morrison-Maierle, Billings, MT


Robert Steltman’s Cross section labeling routine helped complete 287 sheets of labeled cross sections in two days. With “little clean-up” this operation would of taken us more than a week under normal conditions. Great time savings!! One of the best features of the labeling routine was that we were able use existing LDD alignments and models to complete our task. We didn’t have to generate new data to use this product. additional we were able to get a few customized labels added to the routine with Robert’s help. This allowed us to maintain the look of our company’s cross section standard . Which was very important to us. The routine was easy to use. We had it labeling sections five minutes after we downloaded it.

John Coon
Hoyle Tanner & Associates, Inc., Manchester, NH

Hoyle Tanner & Associates, Inc.

Thank you for the great response you gave me with annotating my cross sections with your Label Cross sections program. The programmers and technical support people that I’ve talked to can learn a lot from you. First of all I didn’t have to listen to a recorded message asking me about the different options for the type of help I needed. You asked a few simple questions and pointed me in the right direction. You gave me a quick reply after looking at the files I sent. It has saved me a lot of time. I would have had to do all this labeling manually. This is an option that Autodesk should have written into their Civil Design cross section program.

David Garcia
Billingsley Engineering, P.C. , Las Vegas, NM

Billingsley Engineering, P.C.

I had to tell you that this routine, Cut Fill Daylight Lines, is a site to behold…..send the invoice and password at your earliest convenience.

Thanks again for your support!!!!

Bill White, M.A.
Stantec Consulting Ltd., Kitchener, ON

Stantec Consulting Ltd.

I am writing to let you know I am very pleased with the cut fill daylight lines routine.

Chris Panas
Spokane County Public Works

Spokane County Public Works

I work for a Land Surveyor who really wanted to have the seconds rounded for his plans. I wanted a way to do this quickly without having to manually change each one. Your routine worked great! It was easy to order and download allowing me to work right away.

Not only will it save me time, but my boss is really happy too!

Sarah Campden
Wright Focus Engineering Ltd., Victoria BC

Wright Focus Engineering Ltd.

Steltman Software is excellent! I use Layout for LDD2 to calc offsets points based on vertical alignments for our crews to stake out. Robert actually customized it for my needs. I also use Breakline Designer , it’s much easier than LDD’s fieldbook. My suggestion, Buy it!!!!!

Robert Martin
Precision Surveying Services, Columbus, OH

Precision Surveying Services

“DynaLOT for AutoCAD Land Development Desktop is an excellent enhancement to our design software. DynaLOT allows lot grading drawing to be used as grading models as well as a detailed Lot Grading Plan. The Many Areas routine allows us to do earthworks with various pregrade depths quickly and easily, gives us the ability to provide cost efficient designs in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Your dedication to providing us with the latest software updates, solutions to our technical problems, and custom routines have been appreciated.”

Peter Zourntos, P. Eng., C.E.
Valdor Engineering Inc.,Concord, On

Valdor Engineering Inc.

“The routine, profile to 3D pline , works great. It’s a lot better than the one I was using.”

Len Roughgarden
Pace Engineering, Kirkland, WA

Pace Engineering

We have been using DynaLOT with our AutoCAD system for 12 months now and find it so useful. It has turned a ten day job into a three day job for some of our larger grading plans. Even more important than the software however, is the level of service you have provided. Your quick response and your custom LISP Routines have been most appreciated. Please accept our compliments on your attention to detail and your high value on customer service. May our association be long and rewarding.

Zoltan L. Tako, C. E. T


“My problem was calculating line offsets for staking utilities, roads, and other construction needs based on a vertical and horizontal alignment. Autodesk Land Desktop does not have the tools required to get all of the information I need on the calculated staking point thats when I discovered Robert Steltman. With a few phone calls, he customized his Center Line Station Offset routine to meet my needs. What used to involve a lot of typing to get the correct station and elevation on the point (Land Desktop will not calculate offsets based on vertical alignments) is now done automatically. What used to take hours is now done in a few minuets. This is just one example; other applications like Breakline Designer, Survey Tools, and Site Tools are all used to complement Land Desktop for all of my land surveying needs.”

Robert W. Martin
Precision Surveying Services, LLC, Columbus, OH

Precision Surveying Services

“I have utility maps in AutoCAD for an entire city that need to be updated every year with the projects that were constructed during that year. An external database is attached to these maps with links to all of the utilities therefore, I need to update the information in the database when I bring in the new projects. It would be tedious and take a long time to enter data for all of the pipes and structures individually, so I looked for a way to automate the data entry for these utilities. Steltman Software had a solution for me with tools that allow me to automatically attach object data to pipes and structures with data exported from the project’s pipeworks database. I can then merge the object data with my existing database. With these tools, I am able to save a lot of time and energy in updating the maps and associated data. I also can feel confident that the data is accurate, because there is less room for error in populating the data.”

Anita Reutiman
Bonestroo Rosene Anderlik & Associates, St. Paul, MN

Bonestroo Rosene Anderlik & Associates

“Profile from Points is exactly what I have been looking for, it works great.”

Jeff Henderson
Uinta Engineering & Surveying, Inc

Uinta Engineering & Surveying, Inc.

Layout, and a Cross Section creator , these  inexpensive routines are very easy to use and they’re very intuitive so virtually no training is required. We calculate that the payback on the software was recovered after 4 projects and then you start saving money. Robert is usually available for help if required. We also had a 2 day training session on Land Development Desktop from Robert at our office. His knowledge of the program is immense and he definitely increased our productivity. Robert has lots of practical experience which is a definite asset in both his programming and training abilities. We would not hesitate in recommending Robert Steltman or his products to others so that they can also increase their productivity.”

Randy Thur
County of Renfrew ,ON

County of Renfrew

“Robert Steltman has provided service to R.V. Anderson Associates Limited for the past nine years. His involvement with RVA has typically been associated with training and maintenance contracts for DynaLOT , third party, AutoCAD software. During this time, we have come to know his service and response to our company’s needs as being second to none in the industry. Robert usually addresses and solves routine problems that may arise, over the phone or by e-mail, within minutes. We have also on many occasions over the years, requested modifications or customization to the DynaLOT software. These requests have always been addressed, sometimes within days or even hours. This level of service exemplifies his commitment and dedication to his clients. Robert’s knowledge of computer hardware and software, AutoCAD and third party AutoCAD based software, combined with his technical knowledge of municipal engineering, has proven to be an important resource to R.V. Anderson Associates Ltd in terms of optimizing our use of AutoCAD drafting and design.”

Andrew Turner
R.V. Anderson Associates Limited, Toronto, ON

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited

“Cut Fill Lines has performed as advertised and the time savings is exactly what we needed. There was virtually no learning curve and it works within LDDT2 seamlessly. When I did have a small glitch in the software it was addressed promptly and courteously over the internet while I continued to work on the project. NO DOWN TIME!!!!!!!!”

Bob Blackwood
Lyon Engineering, Prescott, AZ

Lyon Engineering

“Many communities here in the Inland Empire of Southern California decide the density of residential housing development through the Average Cross Slope (ACS) of the property. The ACS is a function of the contour interval, the area of segment under scrutiny and the total length of the contours falling within that segment. The area and contour interval are easy to define; however, determining the total length of the contours is a tedious process. One must identify the length of each contour through the AutoCAD area command and then add them up. Having two major projects requiring this analysis, I contacted Robert Steltman to determine if a program could be developed through AutoCAD to simplify the process. Within 24 hours I received a program which would provide an ACS by merely tagging the boundary of the segment and entering the contour interval. A process that took several hours was reduced to less than five seconds. This provided the analyst the ability to quickly adjust the boundary of the segment to achieve maximum density for the client.”

Warren Tuttle
Tuttle Engineering, Redlands CA

Tuttle Engineering

“Bowman and Williams Consulting Civil Engineering firm in Santa Cruz, California primary purchased Steltman’s Many Area program to calculate slope density through Land Desktop. Calculating slope density by measuring contour lengths is time intensive and Steltman’s Many Area module takes several minutes to setup and perform calculations that took half day or more by measurement and tabulation. Many Area program has been a good investment for our needs.”

Chris Mason

Chris Mason 

“I am pleased to say that DynaLot with Elevation from CL has proved to be a great tool in automating the preparation of our grading plans. This is a field that LDD has been lacking for years, but now there is a solution. Using “DynaLot” allows me to prepare a grading plan in about 45% of the time that it used to take me. Because of it’s ability to associate the horizontal & vertical street alignments I am now able to place points in the drawing with a true top of curb elevation or with a grade or delta relationship to the top of curb elevation. Technical support has always been prompt & the developer has also incorporated requested functionality into the program to help streamline our specific needs. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone wanting to increase their productivity.”

Gavin Boliter
Dowdey, Anderson & Assoc., Inc, Dallas, TX

Dowdey, Anderson & Assoc.

Time is money. Layout Tools alows me to calculate 2000′ of curb stakes with elevations at say .5 above profile grade in 5 min. and I’m done. Oh wait I need a W/L thats 4.5 below that grade. offsets at 35′ rt. Hmm.. another 5 min I’m done. It puts points at Hi/Low/PC/PT automaticly. All in order. Try to define a template for every different job/road etc…. I tried the template route ARGH!!!!! And I don’t even work for Steltman. I’m just one satisified customer!!

Bo Martin
Precision Surveying Services, Columbus, OH

Precision Surveying Services

Robert Steltman Inc. cross section labelling routines add features to LDDT that have proven extremely valuable and have saved numerous hours. Robert also provides excellent support and an impressively quick response time to user inquires as well as user suggestions for program enhancements.

Bill White, M.A.
Stantec Consulting Ltd., Kitchener ON

Stantec Consulting Ltd.

How can you challange the understanding Robert has of Land Development Desktop. The additional routine that he created for CDS/Muery Services saved hours of manual computations on every job. Thank you Robert!!

Travis Lung
CDS/Muery Services, San Antonio, TX

CDS/Muery Services

The pipe depth report feature saved me approximately 12 hours. It only took 5 minutes to produce what would have taken 10-12 hours.

Christopher Eaker
Peoples & Quigley, Inc.Atlanta, GA

Peoples & Quigley, Inc.

I’m glad we finally got the Site Tools Suite. I was able to completely grade a 97 lot subdivision in about two hours,

Jeff Leeman
MERITECH Engineering , Cambridge ON

MERITECH Engineering

Land Development Desktop (LDD), our core engineering software, has many tools for the design and development of plans, but lacks user-friendly customization for labeling items on our plans. Over the last few months we have purchased custom programming from Steltman Software to fill this need. These applications are used daily in development of our design plans in our Road, Bridge and Survey departments. Steltman Software applications work directly inside LDD using LDD data to output labeling styles to suit our clients. Not only do these applications save time, they alleviate error from user input.

Chris Cook
USI Consultants, Inc., Indianapolis IN

USI Consultants, Inc.

The Steltman software gave me exactly what I wanted and I found more after I started looking around inside the menus. The Breakline Designer and ability to export alignments and profiles to our Leica Instruments has cut down on my time editing topo and staking data preparation. The biggest benefit and feature from the software has been from the technical support I have received. My questions, comments, and/or concerns have been quickly responded to by Mr. Steltman himself and the turn around from him has been phenomenal. Thanks,

Jeremy Bender
Engineering Design Consultants, Lincoln, NE

Engineering Design Consultants

The road module produced results that were far beyond my expectations. It was very easy to use and the output was in a format I’m used to and more importantly, for the parts I tested, were accurate. I tested the road widening tool on a project that had previously taken me 3 days to design. After 5 minutes of set-up and a minute or so of processing I had complete design from profile to cross sections that matched my previous design. It took me longer to read the help manual than it did to design a mile of roadway. Our two biggest issues now are trying not to go back and re-run old designs to see how much money and time we could have saved and trying not to waist the saved time showing everyone else in the office how great this tool is. I also love the support; they are very quick to respond by what ever method they can and always with an answer.

Mark Verrengia, PE
PSOMAS, Costa Mesa, CA


The more I use the tools in Civil Essentials, the more time I save. This stuff works great and is easy to use! I especially appreciate that it takes redundant tasks and automates them. Robert has the experience in knowing how real work gets done and his software reflects that. He is willing to listen and develop this product so it works for his costumers.

Dan Thill
Bonestroo Rosene Anderlik and Assoc., St. Paul, MN

Bonestroo Rosene Anderlik and Assoc.

I have been using the road and site design packages from Robert Steltman for the past three months. Using DynaLOT for the first time, I designed a 122 lot subdivision within five hours (including the time for the learning curve). A second 103 lot subdivision was designed within a 3 hour time period. Using the grading tool, I was able to set the driveways grades and garage elevations for a 40 unit townhouse site with steep topography, within a 3 hour period. The program has too many great time saving features to mention and is easy to use. I especially like the features points to profile and service connections. I estimate the product will have paid for itself in 4 projects.
Steltman software support is exceptional and should be used as an example within the software industry. No hours waiting on the phone, immediate results and even some wishes are addressed. To stay competitive within the land development industry, this is just the software that we need. Thanks Robert

Gerrit Timmerman
McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd., Vancouver BC

McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd

“As a firm that utilizes both InRoads and LDT for our survey processing needs, our team set out to develop a field coding system that would work well with both LDT and InRoads. We quickly learned that the “built-in” processes inherent to InRoads and LDT would not enable us to create one coding system that would suit our needs. With the help of Breakline Designer, we were able to overcome these differences and even expand our capabilities in creating one system that followed from field to finish.”

John Keil
HNTB, Indianapolis


“The software has exceed my expectations. There are lots and lots of things that help you do your tasks by consolidating several LD commands into one, or two commands. It is hard to quantify how much time is saved, but it surely allows me to do things in at least a quarter of the time normally spent. Support is outstanding, no other software allows you to talk to the creator, get instant answers, have online training, and even get modifications almost instantly. The software is also very easy to use. For me, the best feature is the multiple offset by elevation routine as that is how i do simple street design in a subdivision. But, as I move into other design areas, the best feature changes. The biggest benefit is in taking 4 or more LD commands and consolidating them into one, more easily understood command. The tools seem to have been written by people who actually do this kind of work.”

Frederick T. Giroux, PE
Jensen Design and Survey, Inc

Jensen Design and Survey, Inc

DynaLOT and Grade Tools are extremely beneficial in developing subdivision grading plans. With the use of these tools, and the use of Street Tools instead of templates, I was able to design and draft an earthwork balanced grading plan in a fraction of the time it would have taken using standard LDD commands. As the project manager, engineer, and drafter all in one, I believe I can easily save at least 100 hours per year. At my billing rate of $135/hr, that’s $13,500 per year. I think our office can save $20,000 to $40,000 per year or more with the grading & lot tools. Our survey department saves quite a bit on stakeout of roadways. The software is easy to learn and eliminates drafting errors.

Dan White
Western Engineering, P.C.

Western Engineering, P.C.

Our experience with Steltman software has been very good. Hands down the biggest benefit associated with the software is the amount of time that is saved in the design and stakeout process. Steltman software almost eliminates the repetitive tasks associated with the design of land development projects by automating them. With the simple touch of a button the software can output design data that otherwise could have taken hours or days to compute by hand. The tools located within the Road, Survey, Site and Pipe Tool modules have saved time in many aspects of the design process. I am sure we have only scratched the surface of the software’s capabilities, but in the short time we have been using them, the tools have helped in the design of utilities, roadway profiles, grading, earthwork analysis and much more. The support associated with this product is outstanding . Robert is extremely helpful, easy to reach and is willing to talk you through any procedure you may be having trouble with. In addition to this, Robert is willing to design custom software to meet any specialized needs your company may have. We are very pleased with Steltman software and the support associated with it. I would recommend it to anyone in the field of land development.

Curt Czarnecki
Welch Hanson Associates, Delafield,Wisconsin

Welch Hanson Associates

I want you to know that I simply wouldn’t be able to grade a site without Breakline Designer and is crucial to the construction of the surface models.

Conan Witzel
Autodesk Innovation Awards Contest Winner
Garrett-Ihnen Civil Engineers, Austin, Texas

Garrett-Ihnen Civil Engineers

I have no idea how long this would have taken without River Tools. I don’t think I could have done it. The HEC output would have been very schematic-looking. There would have been zero GIS interfacing, and I would not have been able to generate 3D perspective graphics from HEC for the report Technical Appendix. I strongly believe River Tools gave us the ability to provide a more professional looking product. Not everything worked perfectly right away the first time, but your persistence and skill have been invaluable.

Mick Kahnke
Northstar Engineering, Inc. Pueblo, CO

Northstar Engineering, Inc.

The project I worked on had 42 cross sections. This job would have taken between 15 – 30 minutes per section, depending on the complexity of each cross section, for a total of between 10.5 hrs and 21 hrs, with 21 hrs really being an unrealistic amount of time. The total time it took me using River Tools the first time was about 8 hrs. This 8 hours included learning how to use River Tools and working out any irregularities that happened. The second time I used it, the amount of time spent was about 3hrs. And now with the addition of River Tools being able to read each alingment that crosses the main channel I estimate that I could save another 1.5 hrs. This part of Civil Essentials is a valuable asset to our SWM team.

Dave Mahoney
Stantec ,Kitchener, ON


We turned hundreds of river alignments with surveyed points into cross sections in the fraction of time it used to take us…that was until a week ago! The River Tools function is easy to use and fully automated, your only drawback will be the speed at which your computer can compute. If you have any problems, Robert is there to help out and take good care of you quickly and effectively. Nice work.

Travis Shinkle
northwest hydraulic consultants, West Sacramento, California

Northwest Hydraulic Consultants

Thanks, appreciate the GOLD customer Service!!

Spokane County Public Works

Spokane County Public Works

River tools has saved me a huge amount of time producing HecRas files for my guys to do analysis. My HecRas guys are absolutely amazed at how quickly I can give them data to work with. And projecting the water level out to the surface for the floodplain just blows them away.

Chris Pyle
Resource Technology, Inc

Resource Technology, Inc

I can not believe the service and response you provide for us. This is quite amazing customer service.

Andy Heitmann,
TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering, Inc.

TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering, Inc.

When I went looking for software that would communicate information between AutoCad and HEC-RAS, I found several options. However, they either didn’t work with Civil 3d or they did ten times more than what I a ctually needed (at ten times the price). In the end I found that Robert Steltman’s River toolsquickly and efficiently communicated information between the two programs and the price was very reasonable. They let us try it for a month to make sure it worked with our system, and provided great customer service along the way. With their software, it takes me only a fraction of the time it would have taken to do it manually. We are now looking at their other software applications for some of our other design groups.

Shannon Cotulla, P.E.
Hurt & Proffitt

Hurt & Proffitt

“By the way, you guys have created a really great product and I am very happy and surprised with the service you provide. Your tech support staff are extremely helpful and easy to work with, the follow up service that you provide is great and makes me glad to know that after you make the sale you don’t just forget about your customers like so many companies do and are willing to work with them to provide them what they need.Thanks again!”

David Jones
The Delaney Group, Inc.

The Delaney Group, Inc.

“Your routines just saved me about 5 more hours of work, not to mention the 2 days of work earlier today!”

Matthew Pittman


“We faced a tight deadline to produce alignment sheets for a 23+ mile pipeline and Robert came to the rescue with his custom Pipeline Tools.
Robert was able to produce a custom command that auto labeled our plan and profile sheets saving us weeks of tedious work.He took a process that took us upwards of 1-2 hours per sheet and reduced that to a few minutes.
I cannot go without mentioning his professionalism and follow up to make sure what he gave us was always running smoothly and efficiently as possible. We will most certainly be using Steltman Software again in the future. Thanks again for your all your help!”

Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

“We have a good sized survey department and our standard set of field codes, which come from a primary client has 271 codes which we use for all our clients.  One reason that we have not moved to Civil 3D is because of the effort required to migrate all of our various description keys from LD to Civil 3D. The Steltman Software Migration tool has saved me more hours than I can imagine. If you are a company using LD and are dealing with this type of conversion, I cannot recommend any tool more highly than this. We are now looking at all of the other Steltman Software tools to see if they can help in other areas. Even if you are not coming from LD, I would consider this tool as a method of bulk when creating a Civil 3D Descriptor Key set. All you need is a LD descriptor key file – which is actually an Access database file and a folder of blocks matching the blocks called for in the database.”

By: Kirk D. Reicks, PLS

HR Surveying

Steltman Software has literally saved me hundreds of hours of tedious calculations, I would recommend Steltman’s “Corridor to D45” routine to anyone who utilizes Leica Geo-systems stringless paving.

I have been able to create miles of Leica D45 files in minutes.

Thanks Robert!

HR Surveying

“Your routines just saved me about 5 more hours of work, not to mention the 2 days of work earlier today. Thanks!”

By: Joseph M. Alwin, P.E., Pinetop, Arizona

C.L. Williams Consulting, Inc.

“River Tools is an incredible application! It’s made my building a HEC-RAS model a very quick process.”

By: Robert Enriquez, PE, PLS, LEED® AP, Pinetop, Arizona

BKF Engineers

“Overall experience was great, you have been prompt with following up and fixing the issues and I appreciate it.”

By: Lanham, Maryland

AB Consultants, Inc.