Survey Tools

The Survey Tools from Steltman Software supports a number of different survey file formats including Sokkia, Leica, Geodimeter and for reduction and staking layout while providing surveyors with the drafting tools they need to complete survey plans.

The ability to customize the drafting of plans by adding driveways, building extensions and generate hatched areas based on survey codes as well as the rotating catchbasins, poles and anchor blocks helps make the development of a survey plan quick and easy.

A variety of tools to create manipulate and renumber survey points, customize bearing and distance creation and labelling are also included in the Survey Tools module.

Summary of Software and Pricing

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With the Breakline Designer tool you can create 3D polylines from descriptors with options for arcs, splines and close figures as well as from blocks and contours. Now you can edit, view and plot 3D polylines as a graph with distance and elevation at grade breaks.
The Survey to Plan Tools cuts your time in half! Learn how you can have extensions added to the front of a house, label sidewalks, driveways and ground shots alongside being able to hatch areas based on a survey code. Input distance, radius and bearings and transform your plans from feet to meters in just seconds.
The Point Tools software help you convert text into a point block or AECC object. You can create a report that compares point elevation with DTM elevation and update elevations from current surfaces.
Generate horizontal and vertical alignment files from LDD to Sokia, Leica, TDS or Geodimeter Roading programs format.