The Steltman Software’s Site Tools provide a variety of grading, labeling, earthwork calculation tools that specifically target the design methodology to create lot grading plans and calculate earthworks for land development projects.

These grading specific tools allow designers to calculate lot corner elevations, add grading points based on other grading points and feature lines, add multiple labels or points at all lot corners automatically and insert multiple grades and slope labels automatically. Calculation of location specific pregrade earthworks volumes is performed quickly and easily using tools specifically designed to calculate topsoil, cut and fill volumes each with its own pregrade depth.

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The Many Areas earthworks volume calculator allows the rapid calculation of topsoil, cut and fill volumes for any number of areas within a project, each with their own topsoil and pregrade depths. Volume reports and tables for individual area as well as total earthworks volumes are reported automatically.
With Street Tools, easily create street fabric, with sewers, sidewalks curbs, intersections, cul-de-sac, elbows and utilities. You can also develop 3D curb returns with options for labelling in the plan, and create detail profiles and vertical curves.
DynaLot automates the process of placing elevation points at each lot corner in a subdivision or site plan. The tools in Dynalot allow designers to quickly and easily develop lot grading designs by adding and manipulating design elevations for all lot corners, split points, front and rear house elevations, including tools to create swales, slopes and grade labels.
This collection of tools facilitates rapid manipulation and editing of AutoCAD entities such as blocks, attribute blocks, text and labels that are specific to land development projects.