Road Tools

Use Steltman Software’s Road Tools collection to increase productivity when developing, editing Civil 3D alignments, profiles and cross sections. Create custom reports from cross section point codes to facilitate construction layout and as built documentation.

These specific tools allow designers to create alignments based on grade, add multiple labels at intersecting alignments in plan and profile, start design profiles based on intersecting alignment and profile data, automatically generate multiple profile views based on alignments, create profiles from cross section point codes and generate custom reports from individual corridor point codes.

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The Alignment Tools help list and label all intersecting stations of alignments, create an alignment from contours at a grade, place or move blocks in a plan by station and offset and reverse polylines.
The Road Design Tools help calculate profiles for road widening, overlay profile by minimizing pad or milling and calculate the profile from section edits. With this tool you can update sections using ACAD commands, including adding a new surface to each section.
With this tool, easily import Cut Fill Lines (Daylight Lines) on Cut Fill Layers, import road designs as 3D polylines from Pcodes, and label Pcodes in the plan including station and offset.
This tool helps create a table showing all of a intersection’s stations and elevations. Now you can label utility crossings from plan to profile, including station elevation and ellipse or box representing utility.
The Cross Section Tools are designed to create sections from points, break-lines or contours. Create a Road grade report from Pcodes showing offset elevation and a descriptor for each stations. Easily draw composite high Ground Profile from Sections and culvert from plan to section.
The River Tools are designed to create sections from line and polylines that cross a river channel. Now you can draw banks in the plant from points selected in the profile and plot graphs showing stations and elevation at grade breaks.