Pipe Tools

Steltman Software’s Pipe Tools include a variety of time saving tools to increase productivity when working with Civil 3D pipe networks.

These specialized tools provide civil engineers and designers the ability to quickly edit multiple pipe runs, structure properties, add drop structures, safety grates, adjust structure rim elevations and identify and label pipe information at any location or  pipe crossing in both plan and profile.

In addition, tools to map pipe data to Excel storm sewer design sheets facilitates rapid pipe network updates in Civil 3D drawings. the update for design round trip pipe network data.

Various tools to manage and export Civil 3D pipe and catchment data into various file formats including PSWMM, PCSWMM, HydroCAD, HydroFLOW and WSPG tools are also included.

Summary of Software and Pricing

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Draw catchment areas, associate with a pipe and density or run off coefficient and an area circle placed showing the input information and area. This can be exported to Excel or HydraFLOW Storm Sewers with pipe information.
The features in the PipeX Profile tools allow designers to automatically label Civil 3D pipe crossings in profile view, draft drop structures and safety platforms in structures, update structure rim elevations draw pipes in profile by alignment selection and create custom pipe depth reports for quantity takeoff.
This tool helps you export and import data between Civil 3D and XPSWMM. Now you can export pipes, structures, drainage areas and run-off co-efficients to a XPSWMM design file.
This tool used to export and import data between Civil 3D and EPA/PCSWMM.
Export subcatchment areas to .hcp format and create catchment boundary pipelines from lines and arcs. With this tool you can easily export and import data between Civil 3D and HydroCAD.